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In 2014, the European website MASTER AND MORE EU was born, as we have extended our services to other European countries - Poland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic. Currently, on this website you can find universities and study programmes in almost all European countries and even overseas. We also aim to provide you with useful tips for your study choice, postgraduate education at different places and their specific education systems as well as career development.

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MASTER AND MORE is the European website for postgraduate education. With over 30.000 Master`s degree programmes all over Europe and overseas, and user-friendly search options, we ensure that our visitors will find the most suitable one for their needs and wishes.

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Our MASTER AND MORE team believes in the importance of education. Motivating young people to study and develop themselves as well as helping them to find their Master's degree has become our mission over the years.


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MASTER AND MORE started in 2003 in the German-speaking area with German, Austrian and Swiss study portals and study events in a couple of German cities. Shortly after that we covered more student locations in Germany and went across the border - to Vienna. Over the years, we became a leading provider in the field of study fairs. Many of the biggest and most prestigious universities on the "Old Continent" are presented on our portals and at the MASTER AND MORE events. Thousands of graduates have found their study programmes, thanks to our services.

At this point, we organize MASTER AND MORE study fairs in Amsterdam, Warsaw, Prague, Sofia, Vienna and 10 German cities. We would be glad to welcome you at our events!

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“we create value for our clients by providing quality
and excellence in all that we do and the way
in which we do it”

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“we are committed to providing the most compassionate,
ethical and quality care to our patients.
We treat them as if they were members of our own families.”


“we support veterinarians in their stewardship
of animal health and welfare
and their role in promoting public health.”


“we lead with science, providing trusted and evidence-based
information, and promote research to improve the health
and well-being of animals and humans.”
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